Westfall Lighthouse

Located on the south eastern coast of Westfall is the Westfall Lighthouse.  It comes complete with a dock, inaccessible small house attached to the base of the lighthouse, and the lighthouse itself.

The dock inexplicably has a wardrobe on it, as well as a wheelbarrow and bucket.

The top of the lighthouse is a bit different than other lighthouses in the game, that have the sweeping light.  This one merely glows.

The small house attached to the lighthouse unfortunately cannot be accessed.

This is a minor quest hub, so there will be some player traffic here coming and going while talking to Captain Grayson.

Location: Westfall, Eastern Kingdoms

Closest Flightpoint: Sentinel Hill

Closest Innkeeper: Sentinel Hill

NPCs: Captain Grayson

Enemies: Nothing nearby

Faction: Alliance and Horde

Ammenities: Dock

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