The Shark Bar

Located in Boralus, the Shark is one of the go to places for workers in Kul Tiras.  There are many NPCs on the ground floor of The Shark, but the upstairs is empty with several rooms including two bedrooms.

The main floor has many workers along with a serving girl Diana Seafinch inside the Shark.  There is no bartender though, so that job position is open for roleplaying.  There is a table set with seafood with two chairs for sitting in.

The main floor also has a fireplace and several bookcases.  There is a model ship on top of the mantle.  There is also a City Pup here, which you can pet.

Upstairs are three rooms, a small library and two bedrooms, one off the hallway and one off the library. 

The first room is a small bedroom.

Next is the library, unfortunately no chairs here to sit and read a book in peace while the party happens downstairs.

Then the final room is another bedroom, this one with two beds.

If you like the idea of a busy guild house, with NPCs, this one might be perfect.

Location: Boralus, Tiragarde Sound, Kul Tiras

Closest Flightpoint: Mariner’s Row

Closest Innkeeper: Jaela Billman, Mariner’s Row

NPCs: Many

Enemies: Nothing nearby

Faction: Alliance only

Ammenities: Bar, chairs, beds, table

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