The Exobar in Exodar

Fancy sleeping in a science fiction inspired pod?  The Exobar, located in Exodar has got you covered.

There are a total of 5 beds here.  Despite the pods being Draenei style, they also have a distinct Night Elf look to them as well, which could easily be blended in with RP.

There are also bookcases, tables and lamps.

Exodar is pretty quiet, even on RP realms, so you could easily find yourself with this inn all to yourself.

Location: Exodar, Kalimdor

Closest Flightpoint: Exodar

Closest Innkeeper: Exodar

NPCs: Many, although only the innkeeper since the inn.

Enemies: Nothing nearby

Faction: Alliance only

Ammenities: beds, innkeeper

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