Sylvan Precipice Camp


Tucked away in Highmountain is a quiet camp perfect for hunting and fishing from the nearby river, while near enough to Thunder Totem for any needed supplies.

The camp has a rough shelter with mat, a cooking cauldron and supplies scattered around.

There is also a couple of canoes tucked up on shore awaiting your river adventures or to just lazily fish out of.

The camp looks out towards Suramar, over the majestic Sylvan Falls, when looking down the river.

The other side shows the windy river as it meanders towards Thunder Totem before ending at Trueshot Lodge.

Location: Sylvan Precipice, Highmountain

Closest Flightpoint: Riverbend

Closest Innkeeper: Thunder Totem

NPCs: None

Enemies: None nearby

Faction: Alliance and Horde

Amenities: Boats, supplies, shelter

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