Seabreeze Village Fish Market

Looking for a quiet corner of Kul Tiras to sell your fish and other seafood?  Look no further than the Seabreeze Village Fish Market.  Situated on the western shores of Stormsong Valley, it features easy access to coastal fishing pools, along with various crabs and other sea creatures.  It is located near Fort Daelin for those who like the added security of a nearby military fort.

Inside features a wide variety of seafood ready for sale, including a live blue crab in a crab trap.

There are many barrels of fish as well as seafood on display on ice.

They also sell fishing supplies, including many of the most popular fishing lures in Azeroth.

There are some tables set up outside for those who need to fillet their fish for sale or just have a quick bite to eat before going back to work.

Also located nearby is a separate fish seller stand, making this a perfect place for a duo to sell their wares to locals and travelers.

Location: Seabreeze Village, Stormsong Valley, Kul Tiras

Closest Flightpoint: Millstone Hamlet, Stormsong Valley

Closest Innkeeper: Millstone Hamlet, Stormsong Valley

NPCs: Only outside the store

Enemies: Nothing in aggro range, but plenty enemies nearby.

Faction: Alliance only.

Amenities: Chairs, tables, store, fishing

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