Pearlfin Village Home

Fancy a bed made of a clam shell?  This unique home in Jade Forest might be the perfect place for you.

On one side of the house are five cute beds made from half a giant clamshell each.

Along the other side of the wall is a Lotus fountain. The teal colored rug adds to the ambiance.

This is a busy area. There are many attackers, but the NPC’s will take care of them, so players usually don’t need to worry.

There are a ton of other buildings in the area, so if you are looking for base camp for a guild or other group, this might be the perfect location for you.

Location: Pearlfin Village, Jade Forest

Closest Flightpoint: Pearlfin Village

Closest Innkeeper: Pearlfin Village

NPCs: Many

Enemies: Many, but attack NPCs

Faction: Alliance and Horde

Ammenities: Beds

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