Featherbeard’s Hovel

This lone Dwarven house was formerly part of an Aerie Peak quest chain, but its owner, Featherbeard, was killed.  His house is still available for players to use, still looking as if the owner had just stepped out.  This is also a Dwarven house that Horde players can use.

There are a ton of things inside this house.  Two chairs at the dining table can be used, with the table set out with food and drink.   as well as the chair next to the table near the fireplace.

The fireplace has a table with another chair, perfect for sitting and enjoying the fire on those cold winter nights.

Outside is a wagon and a small storage shed.

Players visited this house as part of a pre-Cataclysm quest chain, which has since been removed from the game.  The journal on the fireplace is no longer interact-able with the removal of the quest.  For those wishing to pay respects to the previous owner of the house, his body was also removed from the game.

Location: Featherbeard’s Hovel, Hinterlands, Eastern Kingdoms

Closest Flightpoint: Aerie Peak

Closest Innkeeper: Aerie Peak

NPCs: None

Enemies: Wolves in the vicinity, but not in aggro range

Amenities: Beds, fireplace, chairs, table

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