Farwatcher’s Glen Raven House

If your character has connections to both Gilnean and Night Elf cultures, the small town of Farwatcher’s Glen might be for you.  While all the architecture is Night Elf, almost every person in the town is Gilnean, with a few exceptions.  The few Night Elf NPCs include the flight master and the stable master.  But the combination is quite unusual in Azeroth.

One side of the house features a bed with a bedside table complete with a book and candle.

The other side features some comfortable cushions for hanging out.

There are other buildings here if you are looking for a group of houses or buildings for a guild.

There are a huge number of ravens in Farwatcher’s Glen, including many sitting on the roof of this house.

Location: Farwatcher’s Glen, Stonetalon Mountains

Closest Flightpoint: Farwatcher’s Glen

Closest Innkeeper: Farwatcher’s Glen

NPCs: Many

Enemies: Nothing nearby

Faction: Alliance only

Ammenities: Flight master, stable master, house, beds

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