Elariel’s Teldrassil Cove

At the base of the roots of Teldrassil sits a rogue NPC Elariel, along with her worg pup.

Behind her are 3  Furbolg style houses.  The first is a larger house with some supplies in crates as well as a totem.

There are also two smaller houses.

This is only accessible when you view Teldrassil as it was before the tree was burned, Zidormi, to return to the past, is sitting in Darkshore.

There are some rogue related flavor items with Elariel, so you may occassionally see rogues here to see Elariel.  But it is usually very quiet as many do not realize this is here.

Location: Teldrassil (accessed via Zidormi in Darkshore)

Closest Flightpoint: Rutheran Village

Closest Innkeeper: Darnassus

NPCs: Elariel

Enemies: None

Amenities: house

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