Eastvale Family House

Looking for a family home suitable for a family with kids?  The Eastvale family home, located in Elwynn Forest in the Eastvale Logging Camp will suit your needs.

It has a rare thing in Warcraft houses – a room for the kids?  Two beds have been set up, along with toys and clothing for the little ones.

Upstairs is an extensive library for those literary types, along with two chairs perfect for sitting and quietly reading… if there is such a thing as quiet with at least two kids in the house!

Finally is the master bedroom, complete with fireplace and a canopy bed.

There is seating for eight in  this house – six seats on the main floor and two more upstairs in the library area.

Location: Eastvale Logging Camp, Elwynn Forest

Closest Flightpoint: Eastvale Logging Camp

Closest Innkeeper: Goldshire

NPCs: Many, none inside the house itself

Enemies: None nearby

Amenities: Beds, fireplace, chairs, family house

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