Daphne Stilwell’s House in Westfall

Located on the outskirts of Westfall is Daphne Stilwell’s farm.  This farm has farmland, orchard, water tower, house and even a dog house for a canine companion.

The house is a standard vanilla house, with the dog house directly outside the front door.

Inside is a table covered with a recent butchering remains, a fireplace and a bear rug.

The star of this location is the orchard and farm area, which is where Daphne walks around.

There is a water tower on the edge of the orchard as well.

This location tends to be a popular RP location, so it could be pretty active.  But on non-RP specific realms, it is usually empty.

Location: Westfall, Eastern Kingdoms

Closest Flightpoint: Sentinel Hill

Closest Innkeeper: Sentinel Hill

NPCs: Daphne Stilwell

Enemies: Nothing nearby

Faction: Alliance and Horde

Ammenities: Farm, dog house

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