Cut-Throat Alley Hidden House in Stormwind

There is a little known two story house located in Stormwind that many don’t know about.  It is accessible through a short alleyway called Cut-Throat Alley and is only accessible via the Shady Lady located on the Canals outside of the Dwarven District.

After you traverse through the Shady Lady, turn right and head to the end of the alley, where you will find the only entrance to this hidden house gem in Stormwind.

Once you enter, you will find an amazing space perfect for a guild house or large meetings, with plenty of seating around both the fireplace and a table.  Bookcases line the walls to add a nice scholarly touch to the room.

Head up the stairs and you will find a small landing outside the bedroom.

And what a bedroom it is!  It features a unique large canopy bed as the main attraction.

Location: Cut-Throat Alley, Stormwind

Closest Flightpoint: Stormwind

Closest Innkeeper: Stormwind

NPCs: None

Enemies: None, although Horde attempting to use this could aggro guards, although non patrol Cut-Throat Alley.

Amenities: Chairs, table, bed

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