Bambala Fishing Hut in Stranglethorn Vale

This abandoned hut is located close to the small encampment Bambala in Stranglethorn Vale.  It is one of several huts in the area, but it is the only one without any NPCs or enemies currently residing in the location.

The hut features a fish drying rack, drums and other assorted items.  However, despite the fish drying, there is no nearby watering hole to replenish your stock for drying.

There is also a cauldron bubbling outside the hut, for all your cooking and alchemical needs.

This hut could be used by both factions, but due to its closeness to Horde NPCs, only higher level Alliance characters are advised to venture to this hut in Horde country.

Location: Bambala, Northern Stranglethorn, Stranglethorn Vale, Eastern Kingdoms

Closest Flightpoint: Horde: Bambala; Alliance: Rebel Camp

Closest Innkeeper: n/a

NPCs: None

Enemies: None, it is perilously close to a Horde encampment and flight point.

Amenities: Weapons rack, table, cauldron

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