Ashvane Foundry Bar

Want to be a bartender?  The Ashvane Foundry bar is a bar that is fully stocked with everything… except a bartender!  There are also plenty of nearby Foundry Workers who are either inside or milling around outside, ready to be served… with drinks and food… or death.

If you are following the Proudmoore storyline, this would be the perfect location for a spy who wants inside information about the goings on of the Ashvanes, since this is where workers hang out.

The bar itself features plenty of seating at the bar and a fireplace, along with a table piled high with gold.

The bar itself is fully stocked with a variety of drinks as well as hot food ready to be served up to patrons.

There is also a back door for quick escapes.

You can kill any Foundry Workers inside the bar, but it will aggro other nearby workers as well.

Location: Ashvane Foundry, Tiragarde Sound, Kul Tiras

Closest Flightpoint: Bridgeport, Boralus

Closest Innkeeper: Boralus

NPCs: Many neutral Ashvane mobs

Enemies: Nothing nearby although all the Foundry Workers will attack if one of them is attacked.

Amenities: Bar, food, drink, chairs, table, fireplace

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