Ambermill Town Hall

The Ambermill Town Hall is a building located in the now deserted town of Ambermill.

The entrance has a small entry area with plenty of books and a few bottles.

It leads into another small room.

The town hall has a podium for anyone wanting a platform to speak to a group of people.  There is an Elemental Servitor watching over the proceedings for Alliance but can be killed by Horde.


The town hall could be used for many different kinds of meetings and there are multiple other buildings in the area, including an inn and several houses.

Location: Ambermill, Silverpine Forest

Closest Flightpoint: Aerie Peak, Hinterlands

Closest Innkeeper: Aerie Peak, Hinterlands

NPCs: Elemental Servitor (friendly to Alliance only)

Enemies: Elemental Servitors (to Horde)

Faction: Alliance and Horde

Amenities: Dock

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